Alex Thayer

Founder and Sole Proprietor

Alex grew up in Louisiana and California. From an early age he was interested in math. In middle school and high school he learned the very basics of QBASIC and C++ programming but did not do any real programming outside of school.

Alex attended the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, earning two degrees in Mathematics: a Bachelor's Degree in 2010 and a Master's Degree in 2012. He decided not to continue pursuing a PhD.

After moving to Washington state in June 2014, the new environment encouraged Alex to reconsider programming. In February 2015, he founded Prismatic Penguin with the intent to learn what he needed to create and publish his app ideas. In the meantime, he also works part-time at Archimedes School in Redmond, where he provides kids with math tutoring and enrichment.

Alex Thayer, founder and sole proprietor